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Our 1st Meeting in Istanbul

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Our 1st meeting was hosted by Al Sharq Youth Forum at its 2016 annual conference in Istanbul, as an initiative of Youssef Gaboune. The council was named Green Room Council (referring to the name of the room we held our meetings at). Its co-founding members were:

-Wadia Ait Hamza (World Economic Forum Global Shapers)

-Ana Saldarriaga (AIESEC)

- Alex Bellotti (One Young WOrld)

- Lotfi El Ghandouri (Impact Hub Network)

- Nancy Welsh (Ashoka)

- Faith Abiodun (African Leadership Academy)

- Adnan Addioui (Enactus)

- Lisan Beentjes (Junior Chamber International)

- Rafael Heiber (Common Action Forum)

- Mohamed Zaoud (Al Sharq Youth Forum)

- Sartaj Anand (TEDx, +SocialGood)

- Youssef Gaboune (Humanizers)

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